spring dining mini set

This mini set includes dining chair, dining table and gerbera glass vase.
The chair and table was inspired by a new furniture collection “MAS” from Karimoku. The gerbera was revamped from my ts2 version.

dining chairs
gerbera in glass vase
  • dining chair
    dining and desk chair categories, 17 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 604 / 316 / 204 polygons
    two wood tones x six cusion colors = 12 swatches
  • dining table 2 tiles
    dining table category, 17 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 = 426 /  362 polygons
    two swatches
  • gerbera in glass vase
    indoor plants category, 7 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1082 / 887 / 674 polygons

credits: The wood textures are from Peacemaker’s wood tones 02.   

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Vintage tea set

This set includes seven decorative objects, which were inspired from a wonderful still life painting by Albert Anker.   

  • kettle warmer
    functions as a candle, LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 2214/1644/1063 polygons
  • silver tea pot
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 =1120/790/562 polygons
  • cupcake plate
    cupcake meshes and textures are from MAXIS’ debug item
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 884/652/448 polygons, 9 swatches
  • silver milk pitcher
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 774/550/436
  • glass sugar bowl
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 626/506/302
  • teacup, empty
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 738/512/316, three swatches
  • tea cup, with tea
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 690/514/367, three swatches

    each 17 simoleons, decorative – miscellaneous and clutter categories

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Shabby chic living room set

This set includes a loveseat, a chair, a round pillow and a coffee table.

  • loveseat
    love seat category, 170 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 = 5116 / 2323 polygons
    inspired from Portobello sofa at official ShabbyChic web site.
  • chair
    living chair category, 170 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 = 3786 / 1888 polygons
    having same color variations as the loveseat
  • round pillow
    living chair, loveseat and miscellaneous decor categories, 7simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 582 /  350 / 304 polygons
    does not interfere with other objects without MoveObjects cheat.
  • coffee table
    coffee table category, 17 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1426 /  837 / 659 polygons
    41 container slots

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CCs used in pic:
Japanese notebook by b5studio; vintage books recolor by Sonia
curtains, hydrangea, floorlamp, wall candle holder and wall are by me

Glassblock Windows

Three types of glass block windows with light gray and black frames.

  •  one tile, full height (shortest wall)
    straight: LOD0 / LOD1 = 3664 / 76 polygons
    diagonal: LOD0 / LOD1 = 4844 / 52 polygons
  • one tile square
    LOD0 / LOD1/ LOD2 = 1268 / 972 / 52 polygons
  • small square
    LOD0 / LOD1/ LOD2 = 624 / 496 / 52 polygons

window category, 17 simoleons

Note: Disabling ssao is required for these windows to look as intended.  If you don’t know about disabling ssao, good tutorials are found here and here.

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Glass block textures are based on those from textures.com.
Ceiling replacement by  Luna
Made with Sims4Studio

Country bathroom from The Sims 2 Seasons

This set includes sink, cabinet mirror and toilet. These meshes are based on those from The Sims 2 Seasons EP. I adjusted them for The Sims4.

color variations:

cabinet mirror
  • toilet
    plumbing – toilet category, 450 simoleons, 1430 polygons
  • sink
    plumbing – sink category, 475 simoleons, 1643 polygons
    Added 39 container slots
  • wall cabinet mirror
    decorative – mirror category, 145 simoleons, 606 polygons
    Added 6 container slots
    Note: Currently (Dec. 9, 2020) all mirrors in game (EA’s and CCs) have mirror image problem (bug report in EA Answers HQ). I hope EA will fix this soon.

DOWNLOAD: sfs or mediafire (both free and no ads)

CCs used in pic: wall, soap jars and dispenser decor by peacemaker-ic; plant pot (floor) by SIMcredible!; plant pot (on the mirror) by NynaeveDesign; toilet paper roll by OM

Owl mug

I saw a photo of cute owl mug on Instagram. And I modeled it from scratch for Sims4.

The larger one is a decor object and the smaller one overrides EA’s simple white mug for some drinks from coffee machine, tea brewer and espresso machine.

  • owl mug deco
    decorative – clutter category, 7simoleons, single swatch
    LOD0/LOD1 = 1648/1046 polygons
  • owl mug override for default coffee mug
    Put it into mods folder like other CCs. You can have only one override file for the default mug. When you want to quit it, just remove the file from mods folder.

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