for outdoor

Cyclamen is one of popular flowers during winter season here in Tokyo.   One of my favorite flowers.

I made two cyclamen CCs for my sims, potted and for outdoor.

  • potted cyclamen decoration – plants, 17 simoleons, 5 swatches lod0 / lod1 / lod2 = 3498 / 2927 / 1907 polygons
  • cyclamen for outdoor outdoor plants, 17 simpleons, 5 swatches 1725 polygons

color variations:

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Enjoy  🙂

Lace Curtains

Lace Curtains

I remade my old curtain from Casablanca set into a new set. This set includes 2-tile, 3-tile and 2-tile tied curtains for normal height wall and  a 2-tile curtain for medium height wall.

Found in wall decor and curtains categories, 7 simoleons, each with 9 color options. They function as wall decor, and won’t stick to window slot.

  • 2-tile curtain for normal height wall lod0, lod1 / lod2 = 1690 / 1098 polygons
  • 2-tile curtain for medium height wall lod0, lod1 / lod2 = 1890 / 1024 polygons
  • 3-tile curtain for normal height wall lod0, lod1 / lod2 = 2426 / 1188 polygons; and
  • 2-tile tied curtain for normal height wall lod0, lod1 / lod2 = 2986 / 1657 polygons

color variations (no ReShade)

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Tall window in 1st image is from StrangerVille Buildmode Expanded set by peacemaker

Coffee Brewers

Coffee brewers

Two types of coffee brewers. The left one is a siphon coffee maker.  It’s a decorative object functioning as a table lamp and candle. The right one is a coffee maker with cloth filter, functioning as coffee machine in game.


  • siphon coffee maker: Decoration – clutter and Lighting – table lamp categories, 17 simoleons LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1673 / 919 / 706 polygons
  • cloth filter coffee maker: Appliances – small appliance, 17 simoleons LOD0 / LOD1 = 2094 / 1413 polygons]

Both base game compatible, no color option

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The steaming coffee cup used in above pic is here.

OMSP for stairs

This OMSP is useful for decorating on porch stairs. I searched OMSPs like this, but no luck. So I made it.

How to use:

  • turn “bb.moveObjects” cheat on
  • place decorative objects on OMSP’s slots
  • place the OMSP at the position under stairs
  • switch to transparent swatch of OMSP with DesignTool

find them in surfaces (end table, accent table, display) and plant categories of build/buy catalogue. RIght and Left versions

Enjoy your porch decoration🎃

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CCs from other creators used in picture:
Halloween decors from Simblreen2021 set by @leaf-motif
Halloween arch and lantern by @valentine-sims4
bat lamp,  mesh by me, converted by @loree-sims4

set ‘Lily’

This small set includes a wall, hanging painting and lily bouquet, inspired by a scene from a film ‘The Danish girl’.

  • painted panelling wall Paint category, 1 simoleon, 7 swatches,  all heights
  • wall hanging painting wall decoration category, 17 simoleons,  LOD0 / LOD1= 762 / 662 polygons The paintings are by Renoir, Goyen, Gauguin, Chase and Lautrec.   Their images are from The MET collection (Open Access). One swatch is blanc canvas.  Please feel free to use it as recolor base.
  • Casablanca lily bouquet decoration –  plant category, 17 simoleons, three swatches LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 2771 / 2209 / 1711 polygons

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color options:

Bicycle with grocery bag

I made a bicycle with grocery bag for my sims.   For anyone finds use of it, I share this package.

This uses the EA’s base game bicycle, which was introduced as CottageLiving purchase rewards (ended on 3rd September). So it’s Base Game Compatible, but I don’t know  whether it’s available without CottageLiving.

The bicycle and grocery bag meshes are based on EA’s.  The basket is by me.

17 simoleons, 6 color options

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random set Protea

The set Protea includes chandelier, hand candle, bird in glass dome and protea in glass bottle.

chandelier detail:

color options:

  • chandelier with six candles
    ceiling light, functions as both candle and light.  No fading.
    three swatches, 17 simoleons
    LOD0, LOD1, LOD2 = 12,686, 9,026, 5,616 polygons.    *) High poly.  Please use it with caution.
  • hand candle
    The part of hand was based on EA’s body mesh.
    table lamp, functions as both candle and light
    five swatches, 17 simoleons, 870 polygons
  •  bird in glass dome
    decorative – miscellaneous, 17 simoleons, three swatches
    LOD0, LOD1 =  2078, 840 polygons
  • protea in galss bottle
    decorative – plant, 7 simoleons, four swatches
    LOD0, LOD1, LOD2 = 4994, 3737, 3029 polygons*

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Lavender mini set

This mini set includes:

  • door with lavender basket Attached a lavender basket to MEGA door from base game.  Four new door swatches. LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1426 / 1184 / 40 polygons door category, 250 simoleons, 15 swatches
  • lavender basket wall decor LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 611 / 611 / 422 polygons plants and wall decor categories, 7 simoleons, three swatches
  • hanging lavender wall decor LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 606 / 410 / 410 polygons plants and wall decor categories, 17 simoleons, three swatches
  • lavender basket decor LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1328 / 1000 / 699 polygons plants category, 17 simoleons, three swatches

All Base Game Compatible

color swatches of decors:

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The door and lavender parts are based on MAXIS’.
The wooden bench and lavender planter are by me.