Engawa mini set

Engawa mini set for Sims4

Engawa is a velanda-like place found in old style Japanese houses. This set includes :

  • furin (windchime), decorative – misc, polycount LOD0/LOD1 = 506/289
  • asagao (Morning Glory) pot, decorative – plants, polycount 1631/819
  • glass fishbowl, Activity (indoor) – miscellaneous, polycount 983
  • woody stool, surfaces – coffeetable, polycount 607/381
color variation

DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ad)

*) updated Japanese windchime on June 25, 2021: added normal map, fixed specular, tweaked material setting

CCs used in pictures: iced tea pot, tray and stone lantern by SIMPLESTUDIO404, shoji window by Schedels-Asylum, tray under the pot by Chrissy (converted by Anidup), hydrangea recolors by baufive

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