Patterned Ceiling Tile for Sims4

Patterned Ceiling Tiles

I have always wanted to have ceilings when taking interior screen shots.
The 1×1-tile file is based on Snowhaze’s Color Me Gorgeous Ceiling Tiles, which comes in 45 solid colors. I remade the mesh, remapped and recolored it.

  • decor – rug category, one simoleon
  • Base Game compatible
  • 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 sizes and triangle shape
  • twenty swatches (can be switched by design tool in build mode)
twenty textures from Base Game floors
  • Set “bb.moveObjects” cheat ON when placing
  • Tiles adjust instantly to all ceiling heights.

DOWNLOAD merged file (mediafire, no ad)
DOWNLOAD separated files (mediafire, no ad)

NOTE: Luna released useful ceiling replacement and I highly recommend to use it instead of my ceiling tile.

CCs used in pictures:
1st pic – counters, cabinet, ceiling light and sofas by Wondymoon@TSR or his/her site; canvas wall art and rug by b5studio
2nd pic – Eryngium Round vase by ars-botanica; Vase Agata by Mangosims; Wooden owl by Anye; tatami mat by PralineSims; Natural living coffee table, mesh by Steffor, converted by SimthingNew; Kingston Dining Credenza by peacemaker-ic; canvas art (same set as above) and Turn it up deco radio by b5studio; Milana bedroom books by Severinka; shoji window by Schedels-Asylum; legless chair, Nanbu iron kettles, iced tea pot and tray by SIMPLESTUDIO404

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