Scent of Autumn – windows and doors set

two-tile opened window and double doors with curtain panel
one-tile windows – counter height, opened & closed
one-tile door and 1-tile widows, opened & closed
double doors without curtain, double doors with curtain panel (gingham) and 2-tile window closed

Original meshes made by me. Wood and fabric patterns are from MAXIS (Sims3 base game), extracted with TSRWS
Each seven simoleons, having custom thumbnail

polycounts: LOD0 / (LOD1) / LOD2

  • counter height window, opened: 648 / 52
  • counter height window, closed: 664 / 52
  • 1-tile windows, opened&closed: 700 / 64
  • 2-tile window, closed: 1010 / 52
  • 2-tile window, opened: 1016 / 52
  • single door: 704 / 40
  • double doors: 1111 / 40
  • double doors with curtain panel: 2774 / 1742 / 40
color variations

*) **) DOWNLOAD separated files in one zip: mediafire or sfs (no Ads)

*) **) DOWNLOAD merged file: mediafire or sfs (no Ads)

*) UPDATED 7th Sep. 2020 : added proper wall masks (Model Cutout), deleted redundant faces and removed Light

**) UPDATED 15th Jul. 2021: Fixed the meshes to remove overlapping faces
Please download the updated files and overwrite the old ones. Sorry for inconvenience.

CCs used above
1st pic: floor by TillyTiger; wall by pictureamoebae; ceiling recolor by artsymcrafty
2nd pic: plants by The Plumbob Tea Society; kettle by Nikadema; rug by ShinoKCR; cutlery lamp, mesh by me, converted by Sympxls
3rd pic: wall lamp by ShinoKCR; shoes by SIMPLESTUDIO404
4th pic: rug by baufive

6 thoughts on “Scent of Autumn – windows and doors set

  1. Every time I try to download the updated version Chrome halts the DL saying “zip can’t be downloaded securely”. EVERY OTHER file I’ve updated today from your site works just fine. Not sure what the issue is here. I just wanted you to know! I really appreciate all your talent and hard work!


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