Chesterfield Wingback Chair and Sofa for Sims 4

Updated the files on Sep. 1st, 2019. Original post were on tumblr, here.

Revamped my old meshes and they have lower polycount than ts2/3 versions. Still high, but at least better.

sofa: LOD0/LOD1= 7488/4246 poly; chair: 3808/2071 poly

color variations

Updated: Added three recolors and get rid of weird shadow. Please re-download and overwrite the old ones if you have. Sorry for inconvenience.

DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ad)

CC list
1st pic: See original post
rugs, glass top end table, painting, frame and floor lamp by b5studio, wall and floor lamp recolor by pictureamoebae, table, curtain, small picture frame and book by The Plumbob Tea Society, flower pot by ars botanica, wall and coffee table by peacemaker-ic

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