Square Grid Windows

color variations

These square grid windows open and close are based on my Sims3 version. I adjusted their meshes and texture for Sims4.

  • polycount: LOD0=LOD1=561, LOD2=66
  • window category, 7 simoleons
  • compatible with Sep. 3rd patch
  • basegame compatible

Note: If the window is placed at intersection of ‘T’-arranged walls, you will see a slit on wall as below. It’s due to thin design of this window. I hope you ignore it, or please place another window to hide it.

slit 😦

DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads)

CCs used in pic: ceiling replacement by Luna, soap bottle by wondymoon, end table by SIMcredible
cafe curtain, branch vase and sheer curtain by me

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