bedroom mini set

This mini set includes a metal bed frame, mattress with pillows & blanket, ottoman and wall candle holders, which I made for my personal use and then adjusted for sharing.

Color variations:

wall candle holders
bed frame
  • double bed with blanket & pillow
    comfort – bed, 170 simoleons, 9 swatches, LOD0/LOD1 = 3316/1301 polygons
  • wall candle holders
    wall lighting, 7 simoleons, LOD0/LOD1 = 2230/1554 polygons
  • ottoman
    comfort – miscellaneous, 7 simoleons, 6482/4149 polygons (warning: high polycount)
  • bed frame
    comfort – beds, 17 simoleons, 792/673 polygons
    bed frame is a deco object. You need a mattress for your sim to sleep on it.
  • mattress with pillows & blanket
    comfort – beds, 170 simoleons, 2530/650 polygons

DOWNLOAD at mediafire or CurseForge

*Aug. 3, 2022. Fixed the mattress file, broken after high school patch.
*Updated mattress with improved bone weights and a new recolor


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