Vintage tea set

This set includes seven decorative objects, which were inspired from a wonderful still life painting by Albert Anker.   

  • kettle warmer
    functions as a candle, LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 2214/1644/1063 polygons
  • silver tea pot
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 =1120/790/562 polygons
  • cupcake plate
    cupcake meshes and textures are from MAXIS’ debug item
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 884/652/448 polygons, 9 swatches
  • silver milk pitcher
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 774/550/436
  • glass sugar bowl
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 626/506/302
  • teacup, empty
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 738/512/316, three swatches
  • tea cup, with tea
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 690/514/367, three swatches

    each 17 simoleons, decorative – miscellaneous and clutter categories

DOWNLOAD sfs or mediafire

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