spring dining mini set

This mini set includes dining chair, dining table and gerbera glass vase.
The chair and table was inspired by a new furniture collection “MAS” from Karimoku. The gerbera was revamped from my ts2 version.

dining chairs
gerbera in glass vase
  • dining chair
    dining and desk chair categories, 17 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 604 / 316 / 204 polygons
    two wood tones x six cusion colors = 12 swatches
  • dining table 2 tiles
    dining table category, 17 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 = 426 /  362 polygons
    two swatches
  • gerbera in glass vase
    indoor plants category, 7 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1082 / 887 / 674 polygons

credits: The wood textures are from Peacemaker’s wood tones 02.   

DOWNLOAD sfs or mediafire

Edit April 3, 2021: updated dining chair file

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