random set Protea

The set Protea includes chandelier, hand candle, bird in glass dome and protea in glass bottle.

chandelier detail:

color options:

  • chandelier with six candles
    ceiling light, functions as both candle and light.  No fading.
    three swatches, 17 simoleons
    LOD0, LOD1, LOD2 = 12,686, 9,026, 5,616 polygons.    *) High poly.  Please use it with caution.
  • hand candle
    The part of hand was based on EA’s body mesh.
    table lamp, functions as both candle and light
    five swatches, 17 simoleons, 870 polygons
  •  bird in glass dome
    decorative – miscellaneous, 17 simoleons, three swatches
    LOD0, LOD1 =  2078, 840 polygons
  • protea in galss bottle
    decorative – plant, 7 simoleons, four swatches
    LOD0, LOD1, LOD2 = 4994, 3737, 3029 polygons*

DOWNLOAD:  SimFileShare or Mediafire or Patreon  

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