set ‘Lily’

This small set includes a wall, hanging painting and lily bouquet, inspired by a scene from a film ‘The Danish girl’.

  • painted panelling wall Paint category, 1 simoleon, 7 swatches,  all heights
  • wall hanging painting wall decoration category, 17 simoleons,  LOD0 / LOD1= 762 / 662 polygons The paintings are by Renoir, Goyen, Gauguin, Chase and Lautrec.   Their images are from The MET collection (Open Access). One swatch is blanc canvas.  Please feel free to use it as recolor base.
  • Casablanca lily bouquet decoration –  plant category, 17 simoleons, three swatches LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 2771 / 2209 / 1711 polygons

DOWNLOAD:  SFS or mediafire or Patreon  (All free and no ads)

color options:

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