OMSP for stairs

This OMSP is useful for decorating on porch stairs. I searched OMSPs like this, but no luck. So I made it.

How to use:

  • turn “bb.moveObjects” cheat on
  • place decorative objects on OMSP’s slots
  • place the OMSP at the position under stairs
  • switch to transparent swatch of OMSP with DesignTool

find them in surfaces (end table, accent table, display) and plant categories of build/buy catalogue. RIght and Left versions

Enjoy your porch decoration🎃

DOWNLOAD: sfs or mediafire or Patreon (All free and no ads)

CCs from other creators used in picture:
Halloween decors from Simblreen2021 set by @leaf-motif
Halloween arch and lantern by @valentine-sims4
bat lamp,  mesh by me, converted by @loree-sims4

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