Chair with Jacket

A small set including chair, bar stool and their jacket-hanging versions.
Chair and barstool meshes are based on my old meshes for Sims 3, inspired from Thonet Era chair.  I edited and re-textured them for Sims 4.

  • Era chair
    dining chair category, 17 simoleons, 13 swatches
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1042 / 846 / 596 polygons
  • Era barstool
    barstool, comfort – miscellaneous category, 17 simoleons, 13 swatches
    LOD0 / LOD1 = 1106 /  746
  • Era chair with jacket
    dining chair category, 17 simoleons, 39 swatches
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 2688 / 1958 / 1597
  • Era bar stool with jacket
    barstool, comfort – miscellaneous category, 17 simoleons , 39 swatches
    LOD0 / LOD1 = 2752 /  2094

    Five wood tones are from Peacemaker’s wood tones 02.
    Jacket part is based on EA’s base game jacket.

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Steaming cups

Thanks to a great tutorial, now I can add effects to objects. I added steaming effect to some of my cup decor CCs:

owl mug,
tea cup from vintage tea set,
coffee cup from French cafe / bistro inspired mini set, and
Marguerite tea cup originally posted on Tumblr.

With steaming, hot drinks look hot, I think. 🙂

Notes: Steaming starts in live mode. The zip file also includes empty version of Marguerite tea cup. Each steaming cup has different ID from non-steaming version. You can have both versions in your mods folder.

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Lily of the Valley set

Hi, I made three lily of the valley decors: glass vase, potted and lying bouquet.   And I’d like to share one more stuff, an accessory.  It’s my first CAS item.   I hope someone find use of it. 🙂


  • lily of the valley in glass vase
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1733 / 1209 / 977 polygons, decoration – plants category, 7 simoleons
  • potted lily of the valley
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 2205 / 1598 / 1304 polygons, decoration – plants category, 7 simoleons
    four swatches
  • lying bouquet
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 2315 / 1618 / 1308 polygons, decoration – plants category, 7 simoleons
    three swatches
  • lily of the valley bouquet accessory
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 / LOD3 = 3196 / 1962 / 1476 / 1062 polygons
    ring category, custom thumbnail
    using left rings and bracelet texture areas

DOWNLOAD decors: sfs or mediafire

DOWNLOAD accessory: sfs or mediafire

(all free and no ads)

CCs by other creators:
pose by nona
eyelash (glass) and skin by Kijiko
clothing by Joliebean
Thank you!

Laundry mini set

I love to see my sims washing clothes and loading on clothesline. I wanted to have more white clothes on clothesline. So I made a default texture override. I’d like to share it with a country style laundry basket. I hope someone find use of them in their game. 🙂

1. clothesline texture override [requires Laundry Day SP]
This file replace default texture of clothes by more white clothes (1st pic).

2. functional laundry basket on stool [requires Laundry Day SP]
The basket part is based on EA’s mesh.  Stool part is by me. LOD0 / LOD1 = 1062 / 774 polygons, six swatches

3. basket decor [Base Game compatible]
decorative – clutter and miscellaneous, 7 simoleons with seven container slots

4. mini stool [Base Game compatible]
surfaces – accent table and end table, 17 simoleons, six swatches with seven container slots

The stacked folded clothes used in pic is by @simsontherope.

The stool is matching with my bathroom conversion set and BG counter recolos.

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Recolors of BaseGame S.cargeaux counters

During making laundry related CCs, I thought I need some country style counters. So here they are.

Three recolor files of S. cargeaux series from BaseGame;  counter, island counter and cabinets.  The countertops have new wooden texture and some stone textures from original BG counter.  
All base game compatible, of course.

These are matching with this bathroom set.

The colored paint wood textures are based on those from Sims 2 Seasons EP.
The beautiful walls are by kasakokos.

Hope you enjoy💕

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spring dining mini set

This mini set includes dining chair, dining table and gerbera glass vase.
The chair and table was inspired by a new furniture collection “MAS” from Karimoku. The gerbera was revamped from my ts2 version.

dining chairs
gerbera in glass vase
  • dining chair
    dining and desk chair categories, 17 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 604 / 316 / 204 polygons
    two wood tones x six cusion colors = 12 swatches
  • dining table 2 tiles
    dining table category, 17 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 = 426 /  362 polygons
    two swatches
  • gerbera in glass vase
    indoor plants category, 7 simoleons
    LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1082 / 887 / 674 polygons

credits: The wood textures are from Peacemaker’s wood tones 02.   

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Edit April 3, 2021: updated dining chair file

Vintage tea set

This set includes seven decorative objects, which were inspired from a wonderful still life painting by Albert Anker.   

  • kettle warmer
    functions as a candle, LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 2214/1644/1063 polygons
  • silver tea pot
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 =1120/790/562 polygons
  • cupcake plate
    cupcake meshes and textures are from MAXIS’ debug item
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 884/652/448 polygons, 9 swatches
  • silver milk pitcher
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 774/550/436
  • glass sugar bowl
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 626/506/302
  • teacup, empty
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 738/512/316, three swatches
  • tea cup, with tea
    LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 690/514/367, three swatches

    each 17 simoleons, decorative – miscellaneous and clutter categories

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