IKEA ps maskros pendant lamp

Reply to BoschoThank you for your feedback! I know someone in Tumblr converted the lamp for ts4 and shared it. But that page was blocked by security software as Trojan code was detected there. So I converted my ts3 version to ts4 for you. 🙂 ceiling lamp category, 89 simoleons polycount: LOD0 / LOD1 =Continue reading “IKEA ps maskros pendant lamp”

Very late replies to comments from Contact page

I’m sorry I didn’t know about current WordPress contact system and have not noticed the comments until today. @Lynn I built this townhouse for taking screenshot purpose only. So I couldn’t share whole same lot, but I have no-CC version in the Gallery. My Origin ID is Azuki17. Edit: I didn’t use ReShade when IContinue reading “Very late replies to comments from Contact page”