IKEA ps maskros pendant lamp

Reply to Boscho
Thank you for your feedback! I know someone in Tumblr converted the lamp for ts4 and shared it. But that page was blocked by security software as Trojan code was detected there. So I converted my ts3 version to ts4 for you. 🙂

  • ceiling lamp category, 89 simoleons
  • polycount: LOD0 / LOD1 = 640 / 322
  • no fading
  • one swatch

DOWNLOAD (mediafire, no ads)

CCs used in pic: table by Wondymoon, ceiling replacement by Luna, chair recolor by sooky

Reply to Blackberry

Hello! Thank you for your feedback!

I remember I have seen that blurring effects with my semi-transparent curtains one or two years ago. But I can’t reproduce such blurring in my current game. I bought my new PC in last October.

I don’t know it’s related or not, but the following is my graphic settings.

So I have no idea why the blurring arises in your game. Sorry.

Replies Dec. 2, 2019

Thank you for your messages! As I replied at Tumblr, the door with curtain opens only when sim passes through it.  You can find it in door category, 7 simoleons. Sorry, that screenshot might cause confusion.

Hi, thank you for your message! Of course, you can include my CCs in your lot. I appreciate the credit file with links. 🙂

Very late replies to comments from Contact page

I’m sorry I didn’t know about current WordPress contact system and have not noticed the comments until today.


I built this townhouse for taking screenshot purpose only. So I couldn’t share whole same lot, but I have no-CC version in the Gallery. My Origin ID is Azuki17.

Edit: I didn’t use ReShade when I took the screenshot of this townhouse. I used NVIDIA Freestyle overlay. There is no specific preset. I adjust parameters for each scenes.

Firstly, sorry for my very late reply! As for donation page, I’m not going to ask for donations for my CCs. Making CCs is my hobby. I just love 3d-modeling and taking screenshots in game. Anyway thank you so much for considering donation at this blog. 🙂