Base Game Compatible Fabric Sectional Sofa

Here is the Base Game Compatible (BGC) version of my sectional sofa. Alistu’s “modular seating base file” was used for this as a base.    Big thank-you goes to Alistu and Ravasheen​!! The meshes and textures are same as the DHD version .  The lounge chair is not included. In build mode catalogue, click wrenchContinue reading “Base Game Compatible Fabric Sectional Sofa”

Fabric Sectional Sofa set for Dream Home DecoratorGP

This set includes sectional sofa and lounge chair.   The sofa file comprise 8 pieces and lounge chair 4 pieces.  Each has 21 swatches. Dream Home Decorator pack is required.  I will make their base game compatible versions, and  share them when finished in a separate post. Sectional sofacomfotable – chair (living) and sofa categories, 17Continue reading “Fabric Sectional Sofa set for Dream Home DecoratorGP”

White lace set

This set includes three build/buy items:  laced dress mannequin, long dress mannequin and rose & lace flower in vase, and matching bouquet accessory. These mannequins function as dresser.  bouquet accessory laced dress mannequinLOD0 / LOD1 = 5187 / 3293 polygons,  Decoration – sculpture and miscellaneous , Storage – dresser categories17 simoleons, 6 swatches long dressContinue reading “White lace set”

Laundry mini set

I love to see my sims washing clothes and loading on clothesline. I wanted to have more white clothes on clothesline. So I made a default texture override. I’d like to share it with a country style laundry basket. I hope someone find use of them in their game. 🙂 1. clothesline texture override [requiresContinue reading “Laundry mini set”

Recolors of BaseGame S.cargeaux counters

During making laundry related CCs, I thought I need some country style counters. So here they are. Three recolor files of S. cargeaux series from BaseGame;  counter, island counter and cabinets.  The countertops have new wooden texture and some stone textures from original BG counter.  All base game compatible, of course. These are matching withContinue reading “Recolors of BaseGame S.cargeaux counters”