spring dining mini set

This mini set includes dining chair, dining table and gerbera glass vase.The chair and table was inspired by a new furniture collection “MAS” from Karimoku. The gerbera was revamped from my ts2 version. dining chairdining and desk chair categories, 17 simoleonsLOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 604 / 316 / 204 polygonstwo wood tones xContinue reading “spring dining mini set”

Vintage tea set

This set includes seven decorative objects, which were inspired from a wonderful still life painting by Albert Anker.    kettle warmerfunctions as a candle, LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 2214/1644/1063 polygons silver tea potLOD0/LOD1/LOD2 =1120/790/562 polygons cupcake platecupcake meshes and textures are from MAXIS’ debug itemLOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 884/652/448 polygons, 9 swatches silver milk pitcherLOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 774/550/436 glass sugarContinue reading “Vintage tea set”

Shabby chic living room set

This set includes a loveseat, a chair, a round pillow and a coffee table. loveseatlove seat category, 170 simoleonsLOD0 / LOD1 = 5116 / 2323 polygonsinspired from Portobello sofa at official ShabbyChic web site. chairliving chair category, 170 simoleonsLOD0 / LOD1 = 3786 / 1888 polygonshaving same color variations as the loveseat round pillowliving chair,Continue reading “Shabby chic living room set”

Country bathroom from The Sims 2 Seasons

This set includes sink, cabinet mirror and toilet. These meshes are based on those from The Sims 2 Seasons EP. I adjusted them for The Sims4. color variations: toiletplumbing – toilet category, 450 simoleons, 1430 polygons sinkplumbing – sink category, 475 simoleons, 1643 polygonsAdded 39 container slots wall cabinet mirrordecorative – mirror category, 145 simoleons,Continue reading “Country bathroom from The Sims 2 Seasons”

Owl mug

I saw a photo of cute owl mug on Instagram. And I modeled it from scratch for Sims4. The larger one is a decor object and the smaller one overrides EA’s simple white mug for some drinks from coffee machine, tea brewer and espresso machine. owl mug decodecorative – clutter category, 7simoleons, single swatchLOD0/LOD1 =Continue reading “Owl mug”

bedroom mini set

This mini set includes a metal bed frame, mattress with pillows & blanket, ottoman and wall candle holders, which I made for my personal use and then adjusted for sharing. Color variations: wall candle holders wall lighting, 7 simoleons, LOD0/LOD1 = 2230/1554 polygons ottomancomfort – miscellaneous, 7 simoleons, 6482/4149 polygons (warning: high polycount) bed framecomfortContinue reading “bedroom mini set”