Glass Bottle decors for Antique Pharmacy

I wanted my witch sim to have an antique pharmacy in Glimmerbrook, so I made glass bottle decors suitable for the pharmacy for her. Base game compatible decorative – miscellaneous, 7 simoleons three color variations flowers are from base game polycounts, LOD0 / LOD1single, 484 / 264fallen, 484 / 250triple, 1436/ 786bouquet, 480 / 262Continue reading “Glass Bottle decors for Antique Pharmacy”

Autumn Dining set for Sims4

Updated five files (table, chairs and pumpkins) from my very first ts4 CCs. Fixed material settings, textures, etc..Added four new items (table runner, bench, and artichokes).Every meshes are my originals , based on my old set for ts3. DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ad)*Please overwrite old files if you have. Dec. 2, 2020: fixed the catalogue descriptionContinue reading “Autumn Dining set for Sims4”

Chesterfield Wingback Chair and Sofa for Sims 4

Updated the files on Sep. 1st, 2019. Original post were on tumblr, here. Revamped my old meshes and they have lower polycount than ts2/3 versions. Still high, but at least better. sofa: LOD0/LOD1= 7488/4246 poly; chair: 3808/2071 poly Updated: Added three recolors and get rid of weird shadow. Please re-download and overwrite the old onesContinue reading “Chesterfield Wingback Chair and Sofa for Sims 4”

Scent of Autumn – windows and doors set

Original meshes made by me. Wood and fabric patterns are from MAXIS (Sims3 base game), extracted with TSRWS Each seven simoleons, having custom thumbnail polycounts: LOD0 / (LOD1) / LOD2 counter height window, opened: 648 / 52 counter height window, closed: 664 / 52 1-tile windows, opened&closed: 700 / 64 2-tile window, closed: 1010 /Continue reading “Scent of Autumn – windows and doors set”

Patterned Ceiling Tile for Sims4

Patterned Ceiling Tiles I have always wanted to have ceilings when taking interior screen shots.The 1×1-tile file is based on Snowhaze’s Color Me Gorgeous Ceiling Tiles, which comes in 45 solid colors. I remade the mesh, remapped and recolored it. decor – rug category, one simoleon Base Game compatible 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 sizesContinue reading “Patterned Ceiling Tile for Sims4”

Engawa mini set

Engawa mini set for Sims4 Engawa is a velanda-like place found in old style Japanese houses. This set includes : furin (windchime), decorative – misc, polycount LOD0/LOD1 = 506/289 asagao (Morning Glory) pot, decorative – plants, polycount 1631/819 glass fishbowl, Activity (indoor) – miscellaneous, polycount 983 woody stool, surfaces – coffeetable, polycount 607/381 DOWNLOAD (sfs,Continue reading “Engawa mini set”

Random mini set for Sims4

This mini set includes wood dining table, 2 tile curtain, ceiling lamp, roses in tea cup and sunflower in glass vase. All of these are my original meshes, adjusted for Sims 4. color variations: wood dining table, LOD0/LOD1 = 1742/1056 polygons 2-tile curatin, matched with 1-tile curtains in this set, 1516/641 polygons ceiling lamp, 1114/665Continue reading “Random mini set for Sims4”