Coffee Brewers

Coffee brewers Two types of coffee brewers. The left one is a siphon coffee maker.  It’s a decorative object functioning as a table lamp and candle. The right one is a coffee maker with cloth filter, functioning as coffee machine in game. Details: siphon coffee maker: Decoration – clutter and Lighting – table lamp categories,Continue reading “Coffee Brewers”

set ‘Lily’

This small set includes a wall, hanging painting and lily bouquet, inspired by a scene from a film ‘The Danish girl’. painted panelling wall Paint category, 1 simoleon, 7 swatches,  all heights wall hanging painting wall decoration category, 17 simoleons,  LOD0 / LOD1= 762 / 662 polygons The paintings are by Renoir, Goyen, Gauguin, ChaseContinue reading “set ‘Lily’”

random set Protea

The set Protea includes chandelier, hand candle, bird in glass dome and protea in glass bottle. chandelier detail: color options: chandelier with six candlesceiling light, functions as both candle and light.  No fading.three swatches, 17 simoleonsLOD0, LOD1, LOD2 = 12,686, 9,026, 5,616 polygons.    *) High poly.  Please use it with caution. hand candleThe part ofContinue reading “random set Protea”

White lace set

This set includes three build/buy items:  laced dress mannequin, long dress mannequin and rose & lace flower in vase, and matching bouquet accessory. These mannequins function as dresser.  bouquet accessory laced dress mannequinLOD0 / LOD1 = 5187 / 3293 polygons,  Decoration – sculpture and miscellaneous , Storage – dresser categories17 simoleons, 6 swatches long dressContinue reading “White lace set”

Vintage tea set

This set includes seven decorative objects, which were inspired from a wonderful still life painting by Albert Anker.    kettle warmerfunctions as a candle, LOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 2214/1644/1063 polygons silver tea potLOD0/LOD1/LOD2 =1120/790/562 polygons cupcake platecupcake meshes and textures are from MAXIS’ debug itemLOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 884/652/448 polygons, 9 swatches silver milk pitcherLOD0/LOD1/LOD2 = 774/550/436 glass sugarContinue reading “Vintage tea set”

Shabby chic living room set

This set includes a loveseat, a chair, a round pillow and a coffee table. loveseatlove seat category, 170 simoleonsLOD0 / LOD1 = 5116 / 2323 polygonsinspired from Portobello sofa at official ShabbyChic web site. chairliving chair category, 170 simoleonsLOD0 / LOD1 = 3786 / 1888 polygonshaving same color variations as the loveseat round pillowliving chair,Continue reading “Shabby chic living room set”

Cathrineholm Lotus inspired kitchen decors

This set includes seven new original meshes with nine-color pallet. The milkpan is based on my old mesh for ts2 and ts3. Reduced polycount and fixed UV map. Each textures are partially based on those for ts2. Fruits in large bowl is from MAXIS’ one. Found in Decor – clutter category, 7simoleons. polycounts, LOD0 /Continue reading “Cathrineholm Lotus inspired kitchen decors”