set ‘Lily’

This small set includes a wall, hanging painting and lily bouquet, inspired by a scene from a film ‘The Danish girl’. painted panelling wall Paint category, 1 simoleon, 7 swatches,  all heights wall hanging painting wall decoration category, 17 simoleons,  LOD0 / LOD1= 762 / 662 polygons The paintings are by Renoir, Goyen, Gauguin, ChaseContinue reading “set ‘Lily’”

Random mini set

A random mini set including four files I made in this month. Shower bathtub with sheer curtain: Based on Base game shower bathtub. Fully functional and animated. I remade curtain part, and remapped and retextured the shower-tub parts. LOD0 / LOD1 = 2075 / 1254 polygons, 6 swatches, 17 simoleons Anthropologie rug-textured ottoman: six swatches,Continue reading “Random mini set”