Square Grid Windows

These square grid windows open and close are based on my Sims3 version. I adjusted their meshes and texture for Sims4. polycount: LOD0=LOD1=561, LOD2=66 window category, 7 simoleons compatible with Sep. 3rd patch basegame compatible Note: If the window is placed at intersection of ‘T’-arranged walls, you will see a slit on wall as below.Continue reading “Square Grid Windows”

Lemon mini set

This mini set includes niche + window, wooden bench and lemon branch. I made the niche for taking screenshots inspired by a scene from the music video “Lemon” by Kenshi Yonezu. niche + windowThis object is composed of a niche at one side and a window at other side. The niche part has six containerContinue reading “Lemon mini set”

Odds and Ends

Old Japanese window and arch Old Japanese style ‘Ramma’ (transom) arch and window and a matching ‘Koshido’ window EA mesh edits, base game compatible, 7 simoleons *) DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads) *) Updated 7th Sep. 2020: Added Model CutoutPlease download the updated files and overwrite old ones if you have applied the latest (3rd Sep.Continue reading “Odds and Ends”

Scent of Autumn – windows and doors set

Original meshes made by me. Wood and fabric patterns are from MAXIS (Sims3 base game), extracted with TSRWS Each seven simoleons, having custom thumbnail polycounts: LOD0 / (LOD1) / LOD2 counter height window, opened: 648 / 52 counter height window, closed: 664 / 52 1-tile windows, opened&closed: 700 / 64 2-tile window, closed: 1010 /Continue reading “Scent of Autumn – windows and doors set”