Glassblock Windows

Three types of glass block windows with light gray and black frames.

  •  one tile, full height (shortest wall)
    straight: LOD0 / LOD1 = 3664 / 76 polygons
    diagonal: LOD0 / LOD1 = 4844 / 52 polygons
  • one tile square
    LOD0 / LOD1/ LOD2 = 1268 / 972 / 52 polygons
  • small square
    LOD0 / LOD1/ LOD2 = 624 / 496 / 52 polygons

window category, 17 simoleons

Note: Disabling ssao is required for these windows to look as intended.  If you don’t know about disabling ssao, good tutorials are found here and here.

DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads)

Glass block textures are based on those from
Ceiling replacement by  Luna
Made with Sims4Studio

Square Grid Windows

color variations

These square grid windows open and close are based on my Sims3 version. I adjusted their meshes and texture for Sims4.

  • polycount: LOD0=LOD1=561, LOD2=66
  • window category, 7 simoleons
  • compatible with Sep. 3rd patch
  • basegame compatible

Note: If the window is placed at intersection of ‘T’-arranged walls, you will see a slit on wall as below. It’s due to thin design of this window. I hope you ignore it, or please place another window to hide it.

slit 😦

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CCs used in pic: ceiling replacement by Luna, soap bottle by wondymoon, end table by SIMcredible
cafe curtain, branch vase and sheer curtain by me

Lemon mini set

This mini set includes niche + window, wooden bench and lemon branch. I made the niche for taking screenshots inspired by a scene from the music video “Lemon” by Kenshi Yonezu.

  • niche + window
    This object is composed of a niche at one side and a window at other side.

The niche part has six container slots (small x 5 and medium x 1).
Found in window and surfaces – display categories, 7 simoleons.
polycount LOD0 / LOD1 = 158 / 154
four swatches

  • wooden bench
    Found in love seat and outdoor bench categories, 7 simoleons.
    polycount LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 1342 / 1102 / 550
    three swatches
  • lemon branch
    indoor plant category, 7 simoleons
    polycount LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2 = 660 / 509 / 343
    one swatch
color variations
lemon branch details

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Odds and Ends

  1. Old Japanese window and arch

Old Japanese style ‘Ramma’ (transom) arch and window and a matching ‘Koshido’ window
EA mesh edits, base game compatible, 7 simoleons

*) DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads)

*) Updated 7th Sep. 2020: Added Model Cutout
Please download the updated files and overwrite old ones if you have applied the latest (3rd Sep. 2020) patch.
*) Updated 12 Sep. 2020: Fixed the wall cutout of pocci_ts4_KominkaStyle_1xwindow.

credits:   lot by Youri (Origin ID = xjjnh576),  tatami floor  by EmotionalRockFish

2. School Desk and Chair

Old school desk and chair, commonly used in elementary and junior high schools. Converted from my ts3 version

  • desk : dining table, 7 simoleons,  LOD0 / LOD1 = 1048 / 522 polygons, 1 swatch
  • chair :  dining chair, 7 simoleons,  1238 / 690 polygons, 1 swatch

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  1. ゲーム垢twitterで配布していた欄間と格子戸風のアーチと窓です。
  2. 学校の机と椅子です。シムズ3用に作ったものを自分でコンバートしました。ダイニングテーブルとチェアです。4つ目の席で食事をしようとすると食器が宙に浮きます。
    どれも使い所が限られそうですがよかったらどうぞ ~

Scent of Autumn – windows and doors set

two-tile opened window and double doors with curtain panel
one-tile windows – counter height, opened & closed
one-tile door and 1-tile widows, opened & closed
double doors without curtain, double doors with curtain panel (gingham) and 2-tile window closed

Original meshes made by me. Wood and fabric patterns are from MAXIS (Sims3 base game), extracted with TSRWS
Each seven simoleons, having custom thumbnail

polycounts: LOD0 / LOD1 / LOD2

  • counter height window, opened: 790 / 426 / 52
  • counter height window, closed: 790 / 438 / 52
  • 1-tile windows, opened&closed: 852 / 475 / 64
  • 2-tile window, closed: 1250 / 715 / 52
  • 2-tile window, opened: 1248 / 677 / 52
  • single door: 792 / 498 / 40
  • double doors: 1246 / 729 / 40
  • double doors with curtain panel: 2910 / 1742 / 40
color variations

*) DOWNLOAD separated files in one zip: mediafire or sfs (no Ads)

*) DOWNLOAD merged file: mediafire or sfs (no Ads)

*) UPDATED 7th Sep. 2020 : added proper wall masks (Model Cutout), deleted redundant faces and removed Light
Please download above updated files and overwrite old ones if you have applied the latest (3rd, Sep. 2020) patch.

CCs used above
1st pic: floor by TillyTiger; wall by pictureamoebae; ceiling recolor by artsymcrafty
2nd pic: plants by The Plumbob Tea Society; kettle by Nikadema; rug by ShinoKCR; cutlery lamp, mesh by me, converted by Sympxls
3rd pic: wall lamp by ShinoKCR; shoes by SIMPLESTUDIO404
4th pic: rug by baufive